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What Is Global Fulfillment?
Global is a full service fulfillment company specializing in tailored Fulfillment. We cater to companies who don't want their products to be treated like cogs in a machine but who see value in simplified, accurate, tailored fulfillment.
We are pure fulfillment. We provide printing but we are not a printing company, we provide mailing but we are not a mailing house, we provide many products but that is not who we are; we are experts in designing and managing the entire process. 
How Global Got Started
Way back in September of 1981, we started our little company out of our garage in Carnation Washington. Because of our focus on providing customers with exceptional service with the highest quality production and always delivering on time, it wasn't long before we out grew our garage and living room and dinning room and pretty much every room in the house. Today, we have that same mentality but we work out of our 47,000+ sq ft building in the SODO area of Seattle.
Why Use Global?
Simply put, we have the experience, systems, and people to execute your program or project flawlessly.
Experience - Since 1981, we have been providing innovative solutions for our
clients. Take advantage of our extensive industry experience and knowledge to craft a solution that works for you.
Systems - Through our industry leading fulfillment and inventory management
system, clients have access to real-time data on programs and projects,
giving them a strategic, competitive business advantage and total control.
People - From our leadership to our assembly line workers, our dedicated staff
has extensive industry experience and real passion for perfection.    
If you have two billion widgets that you need to be fulfilled across America at the lowest possible cost, we many not be the best fit for you. However, if you have 1,000 to 1,000,000 products that need assembly, personalization or variable printed pieces that need perfect match to a package, multiple language or versionized items, retrieval from the Port of Seattle or critical shipments, we are a great fit for you. Our clients appreciate our attention to detail with guaranteed services and systems that keep them up to date through every stage of their projects.
If you are wondering if we may be a good fit for you, please contact us at 206-405-3350 or and we will do everything we possibly can to help you.