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Our system offers a robust suite of reports to help you manage your business better.  


  • Dashboard Reports - provide at-a-glance information on key metrics
  • Standard Reports - provide real-time access to data
  • Customized Reports- allows you to create the exact report you need
We've integrated our cart with Google Analytics to give you the latest insights with Analytics. Below is just a sampling of the features and tools you will have at your fingertips. 


Find your site’s top content and hidden gems. You'll find out how often people visit each page of your site, how long they stay, and how often they convert.


When visitors can’t find what they’re looking for, they search. With Site Search reporting you can find out what your visitors are really looking for. Find missed product opportunities and speed up time to conversion.


When looking at Analytics reports, sometimes it’s difficult to visualize how visitors navigate on a given website page. Use In-Page Analytics to visually analyze how visitors move around your website.


What It Means To You
Easy to access reporting tools mean that you have the information you need to manage your business at your fingertips. Not only do these tools allow you to identify immediate needs, you also have the ability to analyze your data to better plan your future.