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Inventory Management
Our fulfillment system incorporates powerful inventory management tools giving you complete inventory accountability.
  • You will be notified real-time of incoming shipments as they are received, verified

               and put into the system

  • You will receive automatic email notifications of key inventory events such as:

               receivals, discrepancies, low level alerts and more

  • Product version control allows you to easily manage multiple versions of the same

               product including lots of serialization ensuring total control and usage histroy

  • Total and detailed history reporting of every transaction of every item includes

               dates, times and users

What It Means To You
With Global's 100% acountability for every piece of inventory, you can rest assured. On top of that, if you ever have a question as to where any portion of any item has gone or who authorized the movement, our system gives you all the details at your fingertips 24/7.