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Here Are Just A Few Of The Projects & Programs We Have Helped With

Sadie is modeling the Cheeky Chaise. We converted our clients provided materials to their design specification using bio-degradable, recycled materials containing high post-consumer content. We manufactured it, boxed it, palletized it and shipped the finished product to the Marmalade warehouse.Global Fulfillment is in the business to help our customers bring innovative products to today's marketplace. We provide marketing services and support that provide effective specialty project production management and complete fulfillment solutions.


Our results are proven, cost effective solutions, with smooth and efficient production.

Global Fulfillment was asked to assemble 2,000 "Welcome to Downtown" gift bags for a local insurance  company and their employees. The bags consisted of raffle forms, various flyers, a gift card and an apple. Because Global is FDA Certified to handle food products we were able to execute this service for our client.

Three different vendors delivered the gift bag components for Global to combine. Global sub-assembled the flyers into sets, collated the sets along with the raffle form, gift cards and apples, and then inserted the finished product into metallic bags with multicolored tissue. The bags were then packed and delivered via courier to our client's offices.


We are in the business to help our customers bring innovative production to today's marketplace.

Global Fulfillment 
has an ongoing relationship with an large regional financial institution with locations throughout the west coast. Global receives and stores all of the client's printed literature, office supplies, forms, logo branded materials and even bank deposit bags. On a weekly basis, Global replenishes all supplies for each location. Orders consist of multiple brochures, letters, forms and office supplies ordered in different quantities based on the weekly needs of each specific location.

In addition, there is a special release of promotional material going to select locations twice a month. Global integrates those additional orders into the regular batch of weekly orders so that all items for a given location are picked, packed and shipped together, thus reducing the shipping costs for our client.
Global leverages technology with time-proven project production management for complete fulfillment solutions.

Global Fulfillment was asked to assist a customer due to a heavy demand for an approaching Christmas season. An average of three 53 foot containers of hardware and one 40 foot container of software was received daily. Global, emptied the containers, assembled the hardware and software together, inserted the finished retail boxes into case lots, then palletized and shipped product out for daily distribution for a grand total of 1,200,000 retail boxes.
Our results are proven, cost effective solutions, with smooth and efficient production.